Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from users.

Search by number

Why doesn't my number appear in the search by number?
Why don't I get any result on typing a number?
Can I make my phone number non-searchable?
Why do I find the phone number when I search by name, but get no result if I type it in the search by number?
How do I give consent to search by number?

Search by address

Why don't I get any result on typing an address?
Why doesn't my address appear in the search by address?
Can I also find apartments or particular numbers (e.g. stairs A, 18/bis, etc.)?
Can I make my address non-searchable?
How do I give consent to search by address?

Data management

How do I enter my details on PagineBianche?
Can I put my mobile phone number on PagineBianche?
Can I keep my number from be published on PagineBianche?
Can I avoid being contacted by mail advertising or telemarketing services while still remaining in the directory?
Why didn't the search I made give any result?
After changing telephone company, why do I no longer appear in the directory?
How is my personal data communicated to Seat Pagine Gialle Italia for entering in the telephone directory managed?
How can I change my data or delete it from PagineBianche?

Telephony operators

Given below is a list of some of the main telephony operators you can contact for more information, for management of your data and publication in the directories.