Prohibited use of documents® primarily publishes data about subscribers to fixed and mobile telephone services, as input to the central database by the individual telephone operators, in conformity with the instructions issued by the Communications Authority and the Privacy Authority, as well as the regulations governing the provision of Universal Service. This data may be supplemented by advertising placed by customers and additional data obtained from other public or private sources (the latter being identified by the symbol).

If subscribers are not included in® because:
- number confidentiality has been requested;
- the relevant data has not been communicated to the new telephone operator following a change;
the above-mentioned instructions allow inclusion in PAGINEBIANCHE®.it to be requested by completing a form, obtainable from the telephone operators, that if desired can exclude contact by mail for commercial purposes.

In particular, only those subscribers consenting to this use of their address (by checking the related box on the form obtained from their telephone operator) are flagged by the following tick symbol ( ).

Additionally, again if expressly requested using the above-mentioned form, subscribers can be included in searches of on-line directories and subscriber information services (e.g. and 12.40 Pronto PagineBianche), including those based on their own telephone numbers.

Conversely, subscribers not wishing to be contacted for commercial purposes using the telephone numbers published in a telephone directory (whether in electronic or book form), must now specifically communicate this requirement by adding their telephone numbers to the Register of Objections (, governed by Decree 178 dated September 7, 2010. As a result, consent for this purpose given in the past is no longer valid. Previously, it was not possible to use the telephone numbers published in directories for commercial purposes, without express consent from the subscribers concerned (allowing a telephone receiver symbol to appear next to their names in the directories).

Subscribers should contact their telephone operators to update the way they are included in the central database and, accordingly, in®. Subscribers may also visit to obtain further information, and the website of the Privacy Authority to report any misuse of the information about them included in directories.

Information pursuant to art. 13 of Decree 196/03

The central database, used by Italiaonline S.p.A. under a contract signed with one of the authorized telephone operators, is updated (pursuant to instructions from the Communications Authority) by all fixed and mobile telephone service operators that have signed a special memorandum of understanding. Such updates are made in conformity with the consent given by individual subscribers to their respective operators using the form prepared by the latter. The data of those subscribers who, before the new telephone directory regulations came into force on August 1, 2005, did not return a properly completed consent form to their telephone operators, or who have not changed their requirements subsequently, will continue to be published as in the past. With regard to their inclusion in this electronic directory, they may even be searched for using the so-called "reverse search" method, i.e. starting from their telephone numbers to obtain their names, unless objections to this were expressed prior to the above date. The data published free of charge in the electronic directory, obtained from the above-mentioned central database and from other sources, is processed, electronically and otherwise, for publication by Italiaonline S.p.A. as an independent Owner of processing - via appointed persons responsible for processing and authorized persons in the context of their specific duties - in conformity with the instructions contained in the Privacy Code and those issued by the Privacy Authority on July 15, 2004. Subscribers included in the central database, as interested parties, can exercise the rights made available under art. 7 of Decree 196/03, including the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of their personal data and its communication in an intelligible form, know the methods and logic of processing, request additions and updates to such data, and its deletion or conversion into an anonymous form in the event of a breach of the law, and object to its processing. These rights may be exercised by writing to the telephone operator concerned, as the only Owner of processing competent - pursuant to Communications Authority resolutions no. 36/02/CONS and no. 180/02/CONS - to make any type of changes to the data. Italiaonline S.p.A., publisher of PAGINEBIANCHE®.it, towards whom interested parties are entitled to exercise the above rights in relation to the processing carried out by it, is not entitled for the above reason to modify in any way the data held on the central database, until the related changes have been made to it. Once deletions or modifications have been made to the central database, they will also be reflected in the electronic directory.

For further details, visit the following sites:
-Communications Authority: (Resolutions no. 36/02/CONS and no. 180/02/CONS
- Privacy Authority: (Instruction dated July 15, 2004 and Instruction dated January 19, 2011)